In celebration of the life and work of Douglas Adams, writer of the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, today is Towel Day.

His works of fiction are enjoyed across the world and it is fitting to his sense of irreverent fun the world remembers him in this way.


The use of contact lenses for display is something I have mentioned before.

And this update shows the concept is getting nearer reality.

Will we soon be living in a world where our mobile phone (which will most likely be a high end computer) will display onto our contact lenses?

How will that change how we perceive the world – will sat nav project directions by what will appear to be gigantic arrows in the sky showing us the way to go?

I understand under development elsewhere is technology which will allow you to control computers through voice and hand movement (in 3D space, depending on exactly where you move your hand could potentially be a different command).

Will the next step be these commands able to be implemented via your contact lenses?



As I have mentioned before augmented reality through your mobile is not going o take off into the mainstream, I did suggest glasses would be they way forward.

It seems contact lenses may well be the answer.

When you are out and about, if you want to know about the history of where you are, or where to go to eat, augmented reality is teh way to do this.

An app here is getting pretty good reviews.

Augmented reality

June 9, 2011

Augmented reality has a future, of that I am certain.

And, much as I love what these guys are doing, and this interesting write-up, I am not sure we are actually there yet.

In some ways it feels a bit like the start of something new (the first time I used email, it was on a university machine which ran on something I think was called Vax, which was not user-friendly and I was completely not taken by it) that in about six regenerations time will be something we  all want to use.

I may be wrong, but I think this stuff will not take off until the augmented reality is seen thru a pair of glasses, rather than having to hold you smart phone in front of your face all the time.

I expect all the processing will take place in your advanced PC /phone, just you will watch thru a pair of normal looking glasses. When it is as convenient to use as that, I think this stuff will take off in a big way.

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