Me hearties, today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Which, aside from reminding us it’s fun to talk like a (Disney make over version of a) pirate, also tells us a bit of history about the web and how the www is changing how our society functions.

These guys in Oregon (i believe)  invented a mock holiday in the mid 90s and it is now a world-wide phenomenon cos they whacked it up on a website and it went viral.

Can you imagine how long it would have taken to spread the word before the web?

I expect this is some kind of joke, but according to some thinkers (possibly the same ones who got us all in a pickle about the millenium Bug during the late 1990s):

Computers will stop working at 03:14:07 UTC on Tuesday, 19 January 2038 because of the Y2K38 problem.

I’ll be into my 60s by then, so right now am not particularly bothered by this, I expect someone will figure out how to fix this by then – the Y2K bug didn’t actually do anything drastic, so I am struggling to raise myself up into a panic.

But, just in case, just so I am clear, if my Asimo breaks down on this day I will seek compensation from Honda!



My new (ish) novel has been published.
This is a re-working of the novel I had a go at writing when I was 16.
Probably 65% of the content is from 1993 and the rest a bit of a re-write in 1999 and a further re-write to pull it all together in 2009.

The back page blurb says:
“When you are 16 the adult world is a great wide open space full of possibilities. Or at least it should be.
The grunge-fuelled early 1990s, saw the last of Generation X reach adulthood.
Will and his friends are among the last born to this desolate, degenerate generation.
They are full of hormones, full of alcohol and full of fears about the grown up world.”

I am trying a new appreoach to publishing for this book, so it is available from:

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