Apparently in America innovative changes in ICT are happening in local government enabling cost reductions.

Cloud computing and other changes in the ICT world are bringing benefits to US organisations.

Details to be found in this insightful article.


A new era for book covers?

January 25, 2011

This concept is kind of sweet.

But it makes me wonder why anyone would want to make your modern digital device look like the analogue version circa 200 years ago.

Anyone fancy doing this to their device? Please tell me, why?

Google Books has landed

December 8, 2010

The publishing game has changed this week.

Google launched its rival to Amazon on Monday.

Google tends to be a game changer in whatever it does.

An indepth look at what has happened can be found in this article.

Only time will tell exactly what this means for ebooks and publishing.

Watch this space I guess…

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