More about those earth-like planets in the galaxy can be found here.

I for one find it truly exciting that there are other planets capable of supporting life reasonably similar to that on earth. The only real concern is that it will take years at light speed to get to them (and we dont even have anywhere near that speed in our current tech).

What is also potentially exciting when we do finally have the capacity to travel these distances is finding life not only on these earth-like planets where we expect to find it, but on non earth like planets too – life based on completely different sets of rules than ours.


Not that the story is original, but the Hunger Games has managed to stop an Aussie film along the same lines from being made.

I haven’t seen Hunger Games yet, nor the original movie this Aussie production was a remake of, but I am a fan of Aussie film, so this was of interest to me…

There is a free public robotics lecture at UWE (Bristol) in a couple of weeks time.

The guy giving the lecture owns a robotics company which he apparently set up to; “make money out of robots”

Can’t argue with that.

I have been blogging sporadically about the imminent changes robots will bring to our society.

Here is an article trailing an upcoming convention in Miami called We Robot.

The quote “Robots are the next internet” is in the text and I think the guy may have a point.

Any one got any thoughts on this subject?

Some info on renewable energy which I found interesting.

In these times of reliance on fossil fuels, which cost a fortune, it seems to me finding ways of using the energy flowing out from the sun every day to run our homes and power our electric cars (when the tech improves in terms of range / re-fill time) makes a bunch of sense.


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