As I have mentioned before augmented reality through your mobile is not going o take off into the mainstream, I did suggest glasses would be they way forward.

It seems contact lenses may well be the answer.

When you are out and about, if you want to know about the history of where you are, or where to go to eat, augmented reality is teh way to do this.

An app here is getting pretty good reviews.

Robot labour on the rise

November 10, 2011

At this hotel in New York City your luggage is stored by robots (called a Yobot).

When you go to the supermarket you can pay for your goods without dealing with a human.

I have mentioned this before

This is going to be a real issue soon.


The digital era brings problems for those who produce copyrighted material.

Ever since the era the tape recorder the copyright producing industry has fought against pirating. CDs, PC and especially MP3s made the situation worse. Napster screwed the whole music industry (and ensured I would never buy another Metallica album).

More or less the iStore and various other legal download sites have now made the situation less bad (as well as the Spotify model)

The one-time super star DJ Carl Cox has come up with a different approach (possibly because of the terms of business with the legal download sites / Spotify -esque models, but I donot know for sure), his latest album All Roads Lead to the Dance Floor is being released as a USB stick. The stick will update with new tracks and other multi media goodies over time. Sounds like a good idea?

I am not convinced. Why doI have to buy a piece of external media to own an album? I stopped doing that when I ceased purchasing CDs. Why would I replace one form of external media which came with nice paper packaging for a USB stick, which has  the artists name written on, but really, isn’t that special.Can I transfer the Carl Cox tracks from the USB onto a portable MP3 player? Can I only listen to the tracks when i plug the stick into a device? Why can’t it just live on the cloud like everything else is starting to?

Apologies Carl, I think this idea is not going to take off for the general consumer (loyal fans may find it tolerable).

GTA V – so excited!

November 6, 2011

GTA is one of the most important games titles ever:

Here is the history and here is the future.

So excited!

I am very much into green energy, keeping an eye on solar and wind technologies.

Any regular reader  of this blog will also know I am keen on robots (still waiting for a commercially available Asimo).

I have discovered there are wind powered “animals” which can move themselves around using the flow of air.

At present they are curiosities (as cinema was about 110 years ago) but as one who  jabbers on about convergence (my phone is now my camera, games machine, web browser, etc etc – and may soon replace my laptop) add a computer as the brain of these animals (possibly wind powered to, but with chargeable batteries), able to control the ‘sails’ and chose direction and control whether to move or not, and we suddenly have independent robots not dependent on electricity from the grid.

This should be a really good idea, but I keep thinking about The Matrix and the rebellion of the solar-powered robots/ computers leading the humans to “burn the sky” (according to Morpheus).

What extremes would we have to go to in order to stop wind powered robots?

In case you weren’t aware, November is National Novel Writing Month.

What are you waiting for?

If you manage to get one written, I’d love to have a look- email me at

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