This is one of my short stories, which is available here for free.

It is part of my short story collection titled Fragments, available on Kindle.


Let me know what you think of it.

Been following this for a while, good mashable article discusses where Apple is regarding books.

Robert Stewart murdered his cell mate Zahid Mubarek in March 2000.
How did a prisoner with a history of violence and racism come to share a cell with a man of Asian descent?

This difficult period in British prison history is examined by crime writer Ian Hitchings in his book Robert Stewart: Portrait of a Prison Killer.

Out now, published by Oktober Books.

The publishing revolution continues with this in from LG.

So far you cannot bend it all the way, but that will come.

The future may see large foldable paper-like screens that we can take anywhere and unfold to work / play which run wirelessly off the PC that will be our mobile phone.

I am quite excited about the age we live in.

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