Dispatches from India

December 16, 2010

My friend Rowena Speirs (and former Weston & Somerset Mercury reporter back in the day) is in Mumbai, India, blogging for World Vision.

Her dispatches from India are insightful and if you have any interest in the sub continent (or the work of World Vision for that matter) it would be worth having a read.

I will give a personal recommendation for her writing ability – evidenced by her description in the linked piece:

“There is nothing appealing about Subhash Nagar. It is a blight on this banking and diamond quarter of India‚Äôs economic capital, Mumbai. There are ramshackle houses tripping over each other in every direction with only narrow, litter-filled lanes and a noodle soup of electrical cables connecting them.”

I am intrigued by her view of India and the descriptions of the people she meets and the life they lead. I recommend you have a read of her dispatches too.

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