Google, the web giant, have an application called Google Books.

There was a court case not so long ago. And read what Google say about the court case too.

What long-term effect this will all have on publishing remains to be seen, but I am sure there will be changes. Google are the kings of free content are they not?

At present, copyright holders can upload their work and limit access to bits of the material. They can choose to allow access to all of the material if they wish and restrict download, again if they wish.

Google Books then links to places such as Amazon where you can purchase the book you have tried out on their site.

I imagine, the book sellers linked to from the Google Books page pay some commission to Google for the sales made via these links.

I assume, at some point Google will also (if it hasn’t already) further monetize this section of its empire through some kind of advertiser paid search facility.

I am not sure exactly how Google Books will change the publishing industry, as I have mentioned before there is so much else already happening in the industry. Is this the most significant change, or is it just one of many, many changes that will add together to change the industry?

Right now, I am not sure any of us can answer with that much certainty.

What I can say is, at present, I see no reason to be against what Google are doing.

You can have a read of extracts of my books using Google Books and if you like what you see click the link and buy it.

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