A film I blogged about some time ago now has a UK cinema release date – so those of us in the UK  may now get to see it. Hurrah!

I am often advocating the future is robot shaped and it seems someone has the tech that allows you to print your own for $500 – which sounds awesome to me (altho I don’t yet have a 3D printer, but that is probably only a minor detail, 20 years ago I didn’t have a cell phone and now everyone does).

Robot and Frank

August 3, 2012

This movie is a pretty good introduction to how robots will fit in to our lives in the future (or at least during the difficult transition phase to having robots in our society).

How robots are likely to fit into social care of the young and elderly is an ongoing debate as is the legal aspect of a machine in your home that remembers everything that happens there.

The text on you tube describes the nameless robot as a ‘butler’ which I am not sure is how we should describe robots in our homes. Will we name them like we name our cars, pets and our children? Or will the manufacturers do that for us (will they all end up with alphanumeric strings like R2 D2 / C3 PO?) cos I don’t think we can all call the ‘robot’ as they are in this movie.

I am sure when this movie is re-running on late night TV 25 years from now I will comment to my Asimo about how quaint and old-fashioned it all seems.

Great post here about NASA robots and Mars – there are, I guess two general schools of thought – send humans into space or send robots.

Robots are hardier and dont need as much oxygen / heat / organic fuel (food) / water as humans, so cheaper to achieve and health and safety aspects lower too.



Robot labour on the rise

November 10, 2011

At this hotel in New York City your luggage is stored by robots (called a Yobot).

When you go to the supermarket you can pay for your goods without dealing with a human.

I have mentioned this before

This is going to be a real issue soon.


Self driving vehicle getting ever nearer as shown in the article about a new innovation from Volkswagen.

This is an old story, but one I have only recently stumbled upon.

Again it is robots, and is quite an insightful piece, based on the Japanese issue of ageing population and how one fills this need.

Bearing in mind Japan is not the only nation with an ageing population (merely slightly ahead of the curve) this is something we should all take extremely seriously.

Robotic actress causes a sensation in Japan.

The robot is named Geminoid F and is extremely lifelike.

I seem to remember one of the really early Asimov robot stories being about how human looking robots freaked people out so they were always built in a human shape but with an appearance that made it very clear they were not humans (I always imagined the Asimov robots looked like the IL series Cylon in the original battle Star Galactica.)

This is of course a really serious issue for our collective futures. Should we make robots look like us (for some reason a bible quote comes to mind about “man being made in god’s image”) or not?

In Alien Resurrection the character Call (Winona Ryder) turns out to be an human-looking android who like many others of her kind burnt their interfaces and hid among humans.

This is a moral dilemma which we should consider. What do you think?


More about those robots

November 16, 2010

The world is changing and what we have seen in sci-fi movies will become reality soon enough.

How many times have we seen on-screen cars which drive themselves?

Well our friends at Google have been experimenting with one on the roads of California.

I have mentioned robots before and how they are set to change our lives for the better – in ways beyond which cars / phones / PCs and the internet have already.

When my solar-powered car will drive me about and I can read or sleep en route I will be a happy man.

Right Google, what about a teleport?

BBC on robots

November 8, 2010

There is an interesting story on the BBC website about the use of robots.

And a film on the subject as part of this evenings (West) regional Inside Out show at 7.30pm on BBC 1.

Might make interesting viewing if you are interested in either robots or social services.


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