While I do not have the qualifications to argue about climate change, I do know enough about supply and demand in a finite universe to discuss oil.

The world is a finite size, the amount of oil available on the planet is also going to be finite. How ever many billions of barrels there are left, every day there is less – as we are quite literally burning what we have.

At some point we will have less oil left than we have used already – and after more than a century of using oil as fuel, with demand only ever rising, the argument remains about whether we have already reached this point, which is referred to as peak oil.

The issue about reaching this point is that while demand rises the resource becomes more and more scarce. Films like Mad Max 2 show what happens in the world of low oil when people are competing for the resource. The movies always show the most extreme version of a situation, but you get the idea.

As Thom Yorke of Radiohead sang on the track My Iron Lung from their 1994 album The Bends:

“When the power runs out / We’ll just hum”

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