In our western household we recently made the decision to get rid of our landline phone and the broadband which went with it.

We swapped the landline (£12 ish pcm line rental plus call charges) and internet (£14.99 pcm ) for a dongle from 3 (£15.99 pcm and a much higher download limit, 10gb more than the fixed line broadband contract we were on.

Which has seen the 100+ year old house I live in without a connected phone line for the first time I suspect in several decades.

Some people seem to think we are crazy getting rid of the landline – but each of the adults in our household has a mobile phone they take wherever they go so why have a land line? And why use this 19th century technology to provide your internet?

I was interested to read an article in the Observer the other day which talked about the change is society mobile technology has given to Africa.

Bringing landline phones and internet to all the world was just too expensive, which is why no one ever did it before.

The much lower cost of mobile phone technology has opened up a wprld of possibilities and it is changing lives.

Having recently got shot of my landline and started to rely on mobile only technology for my net connection and phone, I am pleased to read about how this is happening across our planet.

PC in my pocket

June 28, 2011

A long,long time ago, in a galaxy that seems so far away, Bill Gates said there would be a PC in every home. That revolution was scoffed at back then in the 1970s. But it has come to pass.

What is happening now – which I think Microsoft is trailing behind on – is the PC in every pocket.

I have a HTC phone – which has more processing power than the first computer I ever owned (tho that Spectrum +2 will always have a special place in my heart). I would guess it is also more powerful than the first IBM clone (PC) I ever owned too. It runs an Android operating system and I use it to surf the net more than my desktop PC.

I would hazard a guess my HTC has more processing power than NASA used to send men to the moon, but that statemnet would have to come with a citation request (more on Wikipedia another time).

At some point the PC in my pocket will become as powerful as the desktop in my house. There is a good article about the future of “smartphones” here.

When my pocket PC (that also makes phone calls) is as powerful as a desktop is now, what I want is either a docking station (or an app that conects via wireless) to my 17 inch monitor, keyboard and mouse, so I can work from home in a comfortable way.

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