Bookstore blues

September 23, 2010

I love book shops.

I really, REALLY do.

When I was a teenager I used to go to the one in the shopping centre near where we lived as often as I could – nearly every day in school / sixth form hols.

I went to Waterstones in Bristol this week.

About a year ago, I went in there and saw they had inserted a stand selling eReaders and the like. I wondered to myself about how long they would remain needing so much space for books when they were already selling the digital replacements.

And yesterday I went in and discovered a huge space to the right of the main door as you go in is now a CARD shop. Seriously, cards and wrapping paper in the area which I believe (if I am remembering correctly) used to hold poetry, bioography and it was certainly where I got the books on pregnancy / early years we purchased ahead of having our child.

I worry how little space will be used for actual book selling in this book store a year or two from now?

(The Broadmead area of Bristol is well served by coffee shops, but I guess as the mall this store is in has a food hall, they couldn’t have a coffee shop even if they wanted too)

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