Google doing good…

June 2, 2011

This is an interesting article about what Google are doing for the good of mankind.

I heard about its work to tackle flu pandamics too.

But, if they can use Google trends to predict the spread of disease, how are they harnessing this knowledge of interpreting search terms to sell me stuff I neither want nor need.


Anyone interested in their finances (or even in some hardcore economics) should check out this American guy’s blog.

Sign up to the free weekly update and each week you get a “tip of the week” by email – some of these are genius (a recent one is below) there are also several free bits of the site, but to get to the really indepth stuff you need to climb the pay wall.

Gary also has some of his books available free to download as eBooks, some are pretty useful. Others (to my mind) not so much. A mixed bag.

On occasion he opens up the paid for stuff for sneaky peeks (great marketing move – to let you see what you’re missing by not paying him a monthly fee) and its always been good stuff when he has done that.

Example tip of the week:


Gary North's Tip of the Week - |DATE Used Tools (Cheap)
    I am a great believer in owning tools.  I am also a
procrastinator in learning how to use new tools.  

    One way to reduce your costs of procrastination is to buy
used tools from other procrastinators who finally gave up.  You
buy at 25 cents on the dollar or less.

    This is why I love Craigslist.  It offers so much stuff that
is in good shape, yet the owners are ready to sell cheap.  They
see that they are not using some device, so they figure that
getting something is better than getting nothing and also wasting
storage space.  This is a wise decision.

    I use NotifyWire.  I have recommended it before.  I am doing
it again.  You can find out who is selling what on Craigslist,
and for how long (if you check older listings).  The longer, the
better.  He may be willing to take less.

    If I buy a used tool that is in pretty good shape, and I pay
very little for it, even if I never do use it, I can sell it on
Craigslist for close to what I paid for it.

    The main expense is my time.  So, I don't look for cheap
tools this way.  I look for $1,000 items for $250.  

    I am in the market for a small greenhouse.  

    I have this advantage: my wife is great with tools and can
repair almost anything.  She likes tools, too.

Gary "Tool Shed" North

Finally doing it…

September 14, 2010

I’m finally doing it.
My existing “blog” lived on a Google sites page and wasnt updated all that much, partly cos I wasn’t being proactive enough and partly cos half the time Google sites doesn’t work properly, so when I did want to upload I couldn’t anyway.
(I have just got my hands on an android phone and mostly am a big fan of Google, but in this one area they weren’t doing all they could for me.)
So, here I am, finally properly joiniing the bloggers.
Watch this space…

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