Robot and Frank

August 3, 2012

This movie is a pretty good introduction to how robots will fit in to our lives in the future (or at least during the difficult transition phase to having robots in our society).

How robots are likely to fit into social care of the young and elderly is an ongoing debate as is the legal aspect of a machine in your home that remembers everything that happens there.

The text on you tube describes the nameless robot as a ‘butler’ which I am not sure is how we should describe robots in our homes. Will we name them like we name our cars, pets and our children? Or will the manufacturers do that for us (will they all end up with alphanumeric strings like R2 D2 / C3 PO?) cos I don’t think we can all call the ‘robot’ as they are in this movie.

I am sure when this movie is re-running on late night TV 25 years from now I will comment to my Asimo about how quaint and old-fashioned it all seems.

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  1. gold price Says:

    I’m not sure which robot I encountered first but the first alternative is R2D2 from the Star Wars movies and if he’s not cute I don’t know who is. Besides his round appearance he also acts adorably by being loyal, kind of a scaredy-cat but also a bit sassy, and always blabbing away in his own bleep-bloppy language. He’s the perfect side-kick! The second alternative is Matilda Junkbottom from Dr. Snuggles, which was an awesome, psychedelic kids show. Dr. Snuggles was an inventor and he made Matilda to keep as a maid but she was always so unhappy (which maybe isn’t that unlikely since a dude made her for the sole purpose of being a slave but I digress). The doctor and his helpers soon realized that she was missing a heart and solved the situation. And the third, and last, alternative is Ulysses from Making Mr. Right which is a movie about an android who becomes more and more humanized. And even though I actually did find him cute as a kid (yeah I was a weird kid) this android really doesn’t fit this lens so he’s out. My favorite out of these three must be Matilda. She may not be as sweet as R2 but I¨ll always have a place in my heart for a feisty, misunderstood character, robot or not.


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