Robots seeking life ‘out there’

August 2, 2012

Great post here about NASA robots and Mars – there are, I guess two general schools of thought – send humans into space or send robots.

Robots are hardier and dont need as much oxygen / heat / organic fuel (food) / water as humans, so cheaper to achieve and health and safety aspects lower too.



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  1. las artes Says:

    It seems the future of space exploration will surely include advanced telepresence robots with expert operators controlling them safely from Earth. But Radford sees the robots being used in cooperation with humans, not replacing them completely. “They are just another tool in a human explorer’s toolbox,” says Radford.


  2. silver price Says:

    So far, we have a tie with two points for humans and two points for robots. However, it looks like robots will be taking the lead in the near future because of robotic progress in scientific discoveries. Additionally, there are two more reasons why robots are more advantageous to send into space. First, they are much safer for people. Just look at the histories of the spacecrafts of Apollo 1 , Challenger , and Columbia when human life was unfortunately lost. These deaths could have been avoided with robotic spacecraft. For instance, several failed missions to Mars, such as the Beagle 2 and Mars Polar Lander , has not caused a single person to perish. Another reason why sending robots into space is better is because of cost. It is far cheaper to send a robot into outer space, since people need much larger spacecrafts with plenty of resources to sustain human life, such as food, water, air, environmental control systems, sanitation facilities, safety equipment, etc. All of these items add huge costs to any space mission. Robots have far fewer needs to function properly, thus they are more cost effective.


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