“Robots are the next internet”

March 20, 2012

I have been blogging sporadically about the imminent changes robots will bring to our society.

Here is an article trailing an upcoming convention in Miami called We Robot.

The quote “Robots are the next internet” is in the text and I think the guy may have a point.

Any one got any thoughts on this subject?

2 Responses to ““Robots are the next internet””

  1. […] am often advocating the future is robot shaped and it seems someone has the tech that allows you to print your own for $500 – which sounds […]


  2. […] I havent had a play with a real one, but I am excited. A robot you can build and adapt, using open source software (which i guess reflects the nature of Meccano, which is a bunch of pieces which can be assembled and re-assembled in any way you can imagine – similar to Lego for the unfamiliar), is a big deal in my world. […]


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