iPad vs Kindle

January 31, 2012

One steaming hot July 4th I ended up waiting for a transfer at Dallas Airport.

That day in 2007 I saw a Kindle for the first time. I was in the transfers section of the airport for six long hours.

There were ads for the device on the transfer side, but the shop selling it was in the regular departures side. I looked longingly through the glass at the Kindle.

I flew out of Dallas that day, with fireworks exploding in the rouge Texas twilight sky. But with no Kindle in my hand.

I have to admit, I still do not own a Kindle. By the time they arrived in the UK the economy had bombed and I was less keen on buying gadgets.

Now tablet computers have really come into their own. The iPad does so much more than display books – it costs a lot more than the Kindle too. But the Kindle only shows text.

I am thinking it is now time I put right the injustice of Independence Day in Dallas* and got my hands on a digital reader (I do have a Kindle app on my android phone, but the screen can only display about three paragraphs at a time). But the BIG question is:

Kindle or iPad ?????

Advice please…

(*I have been in the USA for Independence Day twice and may describe the other time at some point…)

5 Responses to “iPad vs Kindle”

  1. Kindle’s no good for images, so if you’re a graphic novel fan that rules out all electronic versions. iPad looks AWESOME with graphic novels, but it’s of course more expensive.

    maybe the kindle fire is a happy medium?


  2. Brenda Says:

    I have a Kindle come try it out it you want too


  3. Jon Says:

    Funny having the same discusion here on board.
    I bought a Kindle on behalf of a crew mate last week (cos its only 80 quid at the airport!), and I have to say I am quite impressed. Its not just text is surfs the web too! I think that a Kindle is great for reading on public transport and when you are out and about. I see the Ipad was more of an “in doors” gadet. The ipad is too expensive but no doubt will come down in price (I have the orignal ipad one which are currently going for £250 second hand on ebay)
    However I love my Ipad, yes its expensive but does so much more.

    Sent from Ipad,


  4. Bill Chance Says:

    If you are looking for something to read text on – and nothing else – the regular Kindle is great. Not too expensive, long battery life, and the e-ink is really easy on the eyes. It’s a lot like reading a real book.

    But if you are looking for a computer replacement – surfing the web, doing email, mapping, games… anything like that – the iPad is the way to go.

    They really are two different types of things for two different purposes.


  5. Elizabeth Says:

    iPad! Kindle has many good features and is cheaper but you can get the Kindle app on it for Kindle books. You can’t do any of the Kindle feaures that require you to email your Kindle with the iPad app, but if you are happy to use the app to read books, then it’s fine. iPad also has iBooks which allows you to read ePub books and Adobe Digitial Editions books you can read through Bluefire. If you are considering publishing ebooks you can get the full range of options on iPad so you can check how the books will appear to prospective buyers.


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