Outselling Angry Birds – the future of publishing

July 31, 2011

The world of publishing is changing rapidly and the iPad in my humble opinion may do more to speed this up than the Kindle )altho, I may be proved wrong in the end, but on the evidence so far, the iPad is winning).

The latest piece of evidence is called The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris and appears to be much more than just a book. Thanks to the iPad it is part open world game, part movie, part educational tool and probably many more things beside. And it has apparently outsold Angry Birds, which is something of an achievement.

An article in The Times (which I won’t link to due to Rupurt’s paywall) says that in the future it is possible this book “will be regarded as one of the most influental titles of the early 21st century.” High praise indeed (altho taken with a pinch of salt as Rupurt isn’t great when it comes to the internet – remember MySpace?)

One of the key points of interest here is that the book was not written by a single person, nor a collaboration of a pair or small group of people, no this was created using a studio method – I can only compare this to the gaming world where once games were produced by single coders in their back bedrooms whereas now they are produced by huge studios.

Perhaps the historic lone writer who works in a room cut off from the world to produce his masterpiece will disappear as books are produced in studios with huge development budgets…

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