UHF Shadow – novel, available now

March 31, 2011

UHF Shadow, one of my older novels, written in 2000 / 01 is now available to buy:


You can also look through some preview pages at this link.

The back page blurb says:

“Ever felt like you were not quite tuned into the rest of the world?
Do you watch things happen all around you, but whatever you do, none of your actions seem to make any difference in the world?
Do people mistake you for someone else, think you are someone they should know, should care about?
Have you ever felt like the only impression you have made on this planet is your name being tattooed on the backside of your first lover?
Ever felt like you were the UHF Shadow you get behind people on a television set which is not quite tuned in fully?
This novel is for anyone who has ever felt out of place in the world, out of tune with reality, or like a child wearing grown ups clothing.”

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