Where newspapers need to go?

January 4, 2011

A local newspaper in England is doing something innovative in a bid to handle the digital future.

I have got upset before about Murdoch‘s pay wall issue, but the more I read about the future of newspapers / print media the more I don’t see a revenue stream aside from a pay wall.

Altho the Rotherham Advertiser does appear to still be allowing access to some content on its regular website.

But what I really like is the app will allow you to see where the story happened using GPS – if you look at the story I have linked to there is a map showing exactly where it happened (which is genius and reflects on the web interaction with physical space I have covered before)

The Rotherham paper is apparently independent – ie not owned by a huge media group – but how long before other papers (belonging to the bigger groups) start doing this?


One Response to “Where newspapers need to go?”

  1. dr-reba Says:

    Difficult, this one. I haven’t bought a newspaper for so long now and I don’t even read my local one anymore. There is already a surfeit of information and, let’s face it, if you really want to know what’s going on, just get on twitter


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