Kerouacs Dog

October 18, 2010

I am a big fan of Jack Kerouac.

I was only just 16 the first time I read On The Road, the beat classic which Jack apparently wrote in only 3 weeks in 1952 (I recall reading somewhere he spend five years living it, three weeks writing it and five more years getting it published).

The book remains one of my major literary (and life) influences. I have read some other Kerouac, notably The Subterraneans (which also made a pretty good movie imho, featuring George Peppard the year before he made Breakfast at Tiffany’s, although the Kerouac based film is under rated by critics I feel) and would advise you the most accessible of his work is On The Road, so start there if you are interested.

A friend of mine, Oli Johnson, sometimes referred to as Oli “Oranges” Johnson, altho I have no idea why, has also been influenced by Jack and his writing.

So influenced in fact, Oli is now launching a quarterly magazine covering new writing, design and photography, called Kerouac’s Dog Magazine. I haven’t seen my copy yet, but I have ordered one.

I hope Kerouac’s Dog does well. Good luck Oli.

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