Have you heard of Made in Weston?

September 30, 2010

Have you heard of Made in Weston?

It is a craft collective with members who live in and around Weston-super-Mare in Somerset.

If you haven’t heard of Made in Weston, here is a little bit of information about the organisation:

Many of the products that visitors to Weston take home are made in China and already travelled further than the tourists.

But this town is home to lots of talented people who are very capable of making quality products much better than the mass-produced “gifts” you find in a lot of the shops.

So we decided to get as many of them together as possible to sell the fruits of their labours under one brand – Made in Weston.

The ethos is to promote Weston as a thriving arts and crafts town as well as give all these talented residents an easy outlet for their products. We also promote a green element to the products by reusing materials wherever possible.

Made in Weston started small and is growing all the time.

Our members produce a huge range of arts and crafts including jewellery, cards, candles, homeware and kids toys.

Because everything is handmade we pride ourselves of being able to offer a made to order service that is second to none. If you can imagine a product – we know someone who can make it.

Our main outlet for selling products is through craft fairs in Weston.

We are also very pleased to offer more intimate events in the home where we can bring along a wide range of products or a more specific selection focussing on one range such as jewellery. For more information about this, please contact us:


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