The future of the Euro

September 16, 2010

This blog is going to be quite eclectic I think – to the point of madness probably.

I say this only because I have just read something really interesting which I want to share.

But it’s about economics.

I know, I know, I must be nuts. Will anyone ever even look at my blog again after this?

Anyway, Simon Tilford, chief economist at the Centre for European Reform, has written an interesting (and possibly a bit in-depth / intense) analysis of what has happened to the Euro and the economies within the shared currency over the past few years.

This essay can be found here.

He does talk a bit about how to move forward, and I guess only time will tell if he is right or wrong on that.

I promise not to blog about economics for at least a little while!


2 Responses to “The future of the Euro”

  1. pm4girls Says:

    Of course we will read your blog – if you continue to write interesting things, regardless of the topic!


  2. gullyfoyle27 Says:

    I promise to blog about publishing next…
    And I hope that will also be interesting.


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